Cabo Pulmo, is almost certainly, THE MOST SUCCESSFUL REEF RESTORATION program in the Western Hemisphere, and maybe the world!


In 1995, a smallish, underwater national park was formed by the Mexican government at the request of the fishing families of the tiny village of Cabo Pulmo. Since then, no fishing, or anchoring, has been allowed within the 27 square miles that comprise this underwater park.

Within two decades, the reef sprung back to life in an amazing way. Fish returned, spawned, and grew to maturity in huge numbers, along with turtles, dolphins, and sea lions. According to Octavio Aburto, the marine biologist at the site, the sea life has grown by 500-fold! This is the largest growth rate ever recorded in any protected marine environment worldwide. The reef is now alive with activity. Coral and sea life have become incredibly abundant. Fish swirl in large schools around snorkelers and divers alike. There is great variety in these shallow depths. This is a story that needs to be told and retold, shared, and shared again.


The example set by the little town of Cabo Pulmo, located at the extreme end of Mexico’s Baja peninsula, dramatically delivers hope for the world’s oceans, as it simultaneously provides each of us, with an opportunity to enjoy its magnificent underwater riches.

Cabo Pulmo, is a short two-hour ride from the beaches of the world-famous Cabo San Lucas. An excursion to snorkel or scuba the waters of the national park, ranks right up there with sailing the inside Sea of Cortez on the incredible Island Cat sailing catamaran. Both, are very literally, THE EXPERIENCES OF A LIFETIME!!


Cabo Pulmo is a rural, and rustic, place, but it is so worth the visit. It is a rare jewel of invaluable worth. An all-day, ALL INCLUSIVE SNORKEL excursion to Cabo Pulmo, with Baja Charters, provides the best experience available. No one does it better!


6:15 am


6:45 am

Pick-up from your hotel lobby, or designated location.


A canvas shopping bag is provided each guest with an autographed copy of Terry Neal’s latest book, The Search for Zarahemla. It is a gift from us to you. Enclosed for your use is a fresh laundered towel, and a full-face sanitary snorkel mask with dry snorkel tube. Also find a bottle of water, and a breakfast bar.


(There is also cold beer, sodas, and bottled water on board for the day’s activities.)

7:15 am

Stop for coffee, and pastries. If you like, try a breakfast burrito. It’s slightly more than an hour’s drive on, so use the bathroom. (The coffee, pastries, and burritos, are on us.)

8:35 am

Arrive to Cabo Pulmo Welcome Center for a short explanation of the reef and displays of the myriad fish you will be seeing. Photos will be taken as you receive a Heroes bracelet from the curator. A donation is made by Baja Charters for every guest to the reef, in addition to the required fee we pay, on your behalf, for entrance to the National Park. Photo and Hero bracelet are included.

8:50 am

A Safety Overview and outline of the day’s snorkel activities will be given. There are typically four snorkel destinations, including the Sea Lion colony. Depending on wind, current, waves, and other boats in the area, daily itineraries change slightly. There are actually ten different outlined locations for snorkelers. A park entrance bracelet is provided. This is included at no extra cost.

9:00 am

Boat launch. On board along with you, will be a certified captain, and a certified guide or marine biologist, and our Baja Charters photographer. Snacks, sodas, bottled water, and beer are on board.

12:00 pm

Have a beer or soda! You have done it! And we have the pictures to prove it. Kick back, enjoy the view, change clothes. The restaurant is only three minutes away, so wait to clean up and use their bathrooms if you prefer.

12:30 pm

Lunch at La Palapa. There are few restaurant choices in Cabo Pulmo, but this one is surely, the “best place in town.” Seriously. Order right off the menu, anything you wish. It’s on us. The bar is open. Order whatever drinks you like. This too is all included at no extra cost. Photos will be taken during lunch.


2:00 pm

Depart Cabo Pulmo. A bathroom stop will be made during the return trip. Sodas, bottled water, and beer are on board.

4:00 pm


4:30 pm

Return to your hotel or resort property content and happy! Only the fortunate few will have experienced anything like what you have just done.


Cabo San Lucas:

Island Cat Office 6:30 a.m.


Corridor - Resort Location:

6:45 a.m.


San Jose del Cabo:

Starbucks located in the La Comer shopping center 6:45 a.m.




Price for adult:

$285 USD


Price for child under 12: $185 USD

does not include 16% IVA (mexican tax)



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